Sidechopper Tornado 560

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SIDECHOPPER TORNADO 560 with impressive working reach.

The Elho mulcher family has grown with a new noticeable addition. The new tornado 560 is a mechanically driven chain mulcher with an impressing working reach of 5,5 meter. The V-belt driven transmission allows to extend the reach even further compared to the other models. Another great advantage is that the gearbox is fixed to the side bar pivot point, through this the PTO cross angle is not affected by side bar position. This means that the machine can be used in any angle of the side bar.

Tornado 560 comes as standard with a tilt cylinder for the cutter head. The tilt angle is an impressive 50 degrees and can be used regardless of the side bar position. The tilt function is protected by a pressure relief valve. The tilt function can also be used in floating position. The front flap can be equipped with a hydraulic lift function. The cutting head comes as standard with a steel disc that works as a fly wheel to smoothen up the rotation and helps to hold the chains down in working position. 


•  New frame construction that doesn’t affect PTO shaft angle

•  Tilt function that can be utilized at any working angle

•  Flywheel construction of the chain head