Elho was born when Arne Löfvik began manufacturing remote control devices for forage harvesters as a side job along his main occupation of selling agricultural machinery. He later started to import agricultural machinery from Denmark and eventually began manufacturing his own machinery under the ELHO brand.

We have been following the path set by Arne since 1968. Today, ELHO is an international export company, and our products are exported to more than 40 different countries, from North America to Asia. The company is still owned by the founding family, something we are especially proud of.

Our products are still manufactured at our factory in Bennäs, Finland. We believe that by providing our customers with value adding innovative solutions, we build a loyal clientele who recommends us to others. When these products and services are produced by a dedicated team, according to Lean principles, it results in profitable growth, which is key for us to accomplish our vision: Always ahead.

Michael Johansson