Mower Conditioners and Disc mowers

NM 9000 SideFlow33
ELHO’s mower conditioners offer nothing but benefits!
ELHO’s mower conditioners combine innovations, durability, quick drying and driving comfort.


ELHO is specialised in manufacturing forage harvesting and forage treatment machinery, while also offering mower conditioners in a variety of different models and sizes. Many models contain the award winning HydroBalance suspension system and/or a HydroActive release system. We have also placed emphasis on forage quality and quick drying. Quick drying results in higher quality forage and enables faster harvesting. 

Higher forage quality and faster harvesting is a win-win situation. 

We offer two types of mower conditioners: cutting units with a steel finger rotor and an adjustable counter bar, and cutting units with polyurethane rollers.