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Elho Cobra precision chopper combines innovation, durability, comfort and great capacity

In the development of ELHO Cobra we have aimed to make the forage production process both cost-effective and mechanically effective. A tractor driven harvester is a cost-effective alternative in comparison to self-propelled harvesters where the biggest engine on the farm can only be used for one task.

In the pickup on the Cobra we utilize already long known rotor tedder technology. The rotor lifts the forage to dual feeder augers that transport the material in a continuously and safe manner towards the compression rollers. The hydraulically driven compression rollers recognize the effect load level so the control unit can alert the driver when it is getting close to maximum load capacity. A possible blockage of the machine doesn’t damage the powertrain or other structural integrity. You can easily solve a blockage by reversing the feeder rollers safely from the tractor cabin even though the machine is at full speed.

The automatic functions of ELHO Cobra:    

  • Reacts to foreign objects, stones or metal objects, already in the pickup and then automatically stops the feeder rollers.
  • Alerts the driver for overload build-up. 
  • Lifts the pickup automatically in case of a blockage
  • Sharpening of the knives and adjustment of the counter knife conveniently by pushing a button on the controller in the tractor cabin.
  • Automatic dosing of silage additive.

The large chopper rotor has an impressive width of 1000 mm and a diameter of 770mm it is equipped with 2 x 12 knives and a built-in turbo type fan. The driveline of the chopping rotor is a straight forward direct drive from the tractor 1000 rpm PTO. This eliminates effect loss in gear transmissions and similar drive components. The great mass of the rotor serves as a flywheel that ensures a smooth rotation without power peaks. The knife sharpening device is hydraulically operated, and the electrically operated counter knife utilizes automatic distance measuring. The ELHO Cobra is easily controlled from the tractor cabin with the large colour screen control unit. The output chute is equipped with LED working lights and camera as standard. The control of the chute is connected straight to the tractors hydraulic output so that it can easily be operated with the tractor joystick. All other functions, even silage additive dosing, is operated from the Cobra control unit.

The trailed Cobra 7710 T has a telescopic wheel axle to stabilize the machine in uneven fields. Pickup of the forage is done on the right side of the tractor and unloaded on the left side. Due to its long spout, even high trailers can easily be filled. In the rear of the machine there are hydraulically operated loading forks to handle silage additive containers.


Cobra rotor