Sideliner 1790 PRO

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ELHO Sideliner 1790 PRO – an automatic
wrapper for large diameter round bales! 

Fully automatic wrapping from loading to offloading the bale.


The versatile ELHO bale wrapper family has a new addition.  ELHO SideLiner 1790 Pro is our biggest bale wrapper. It can easily wrap bales in sizes between 1,2 - 1,8 meter in diameter. The bale loading capacity is an Impressive 1600kg! The strong loading arms automatically aligns the bale to the center of the wrap table. ELHO SideLiner 1790 Pro is a fully automatic bale wrapper and the intelligent control system Is developed by ELHO. Dual 750mm satellite wrap arms with film guard comes as standard.

The hydraulic control of the tow bar ensures a smooth and convenient handling of the wrapper. To make collecting of the wrapped bales easier you can equip the machine with a bale turning ramp or a drop mat. The bale turning ramp can be set to turn the bales to both right and left side. The wrapper comes as standard with wide 17” wheels, road transport lights and mudguards.